Title: Steal My Girl is track of the day
Artist: Nick Grimshaw
Played: 31106 times


steal my girl is track of the day! “”liam”” and niall’s message for radio 1

credit to ianchaloner

Title: [deep breaths] 1d new songs
Artist: silly julian
Played: 159010 times

from this brave person who overheard julian blasting 1d’s unreleased songs, rip soon modest will get you. i’ve enhanced a bit of the vines but i can’t do anything about the noise as it’ll kill their vocals
1. harry
2. niall (or liam)
3. 1d harmonizing [wipes tears]
4. zayn
5. louis [chokes]
6. niall 


Niall’s reaction to a fan’s joke

Tulsa - 23/9

"Hiiiiiiiiii. Cute as a B***** every single one of you."

Anonymous: I dont undersand the "1D TOTALLY RIPPED OFF NEW FOUND GLORY!!!" post. Can you explain to me what happened please? Thanks xx

this might be super late sorry but baSICally haley williams from paramore tweeted that the steal my girl intro sounded just like a song by new found glory, and so the post i think youre thinking of is the video w/ like four song intros that sound exactly the same in the beginning so it’s basically saying that lots of pop songs have similar chord progressions and intros! so its dumb and pointless that shes trying to single out 1d

i hope that made sense!